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75th session

Working Party on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (WP.15)

WP.15 Informal documents, 75th session (19 - 23 January 2004)

TRANS/WP.15/75/INF.37 - 1.6.x.x
  English DOC (19Kb) PDF (53Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/75/INF.36 - (Austria) Draft text for
  English DOC (20Kb) PDF (54Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/75/INF.33 - (Secretariat) 1.10.4: Draft text
  English DOC (20Kb) PDF (52Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/75/INF.32 - (France) Transitional period related to chemical compatibility
  English DOC (20Kb) PDF (58Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/75/INF.31 - (Germany) Cylinders used for hot air balloons - Reference document: TRANS/WP.15/2004/15
  English DOC (22Kb) PDF (52Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/75/INF.30 - Proposal to amend
  English DOC (23Kb) PDF (53Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/75/INF.29 - (Secretariat) Chapter 1.6:- Transitional measures
  English DOC (311Kb) PDF (114Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/75/INF.26 - (CEN) Proposal regarding a published EN standard to be referred to in (ADR only)
  English DOC (32Kb) PDF (121Kb)
  French DOC (32Kb) PDF (119Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/75/INF.25 - (Sweden) Review of previously adopted texts - Corrections and comments related to the draft table in 9.2.1 of TRANS/WP.15/174/Add.1
  English DOC (22Kb) PDF (73Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/75/INF.24 - (France) Amendments to the assimilation list (see INF.8)
  English DOC (121Kb) PDF (94Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/75/INF.23 - (Belgium) Proposition de la Belgique relative au planning du WP 15
  French DOC (20Kb) PDF (58Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/75/INF.20 - (United Kingdom) Classification of Bowsers under ADR
  English DOC (1022Kb) PDF (143Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/75/INF.16 - (France) Chapitres 3.3 et 4.1. Dispositions relatives au transport de piles et batteries au lithium usagées
  French DOC (36Kb) PDF (92Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/75/INF.15 - (Austria) Definitions: Definition “FL, OX, AT Vehicles”
  English DOC (69Kb) PDF (92Kb)
  French DOC (98Kb) PDF (111Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/75/INF.14 - (Secretariat) Texts adopted by the RID Commission of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods
  English DOC (59Kb) PDF (139Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/75/INF.13 - (Austria) Safety in road tunnels – Comments on INF.3
  English DOC (20Kb) PDF (66Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/75/INF.12 - (Portugal) Security in the transport of dangerous goods(New Chapter .10)
  English  DOC (22Kb) PDF (135Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/75/INF.11 - (Switzerland) Classification des matières infectieuses selon le
  French  DOC (80Kb) PDF (91Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/75/INF.10 - (FIATA) Revised proposal of amendment to Annex A of ADR – Amendments to Paragraph
  English  DOC (93Kb) PDF (106Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/75/INF.9 - (Norway) Part 9 – Chapter 9.2 – Requirements concerning the construction of vehicles – Comments on document 2004/11 from Germany
  English DOC (29Kb) PDF (58Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/75/INF.8/Rev.1 - Assimilation list
  English DOC (596Kb) PDF (363Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/75/INF.8 - Amendments to the assimilation list adopted by the RID Commission of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods
  English DOC (765Kb) PDF (502Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/75/INF.7 - Adoption of the Agenda
  English DOC (38Kb) PDF (57Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/75/INF.6 - (Netherlands) 2004 PLANNING WP15 Suggestion to cancel the May session
  English  DOC (21Kb) PDF (45Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/75/INF.5 - (Switzerland) Paragraphe –Interprétation des exemptions
  French  DOC (26Kb) PDF (88Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/75/INF.4 - (Switzerland) Point 4-Paragrapheétation du Nota sous le
  French  DOC (31Kb) PDF (90Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/75/INF.3/Rev.1 - (Secretariat) Safety in road tunnels
  English  DOC (109Kb) PDF (136Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/75/INF.3 - (Secretariat) Safety in road tunnels
  English  DOC (160Kb) PDF (141Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/75/INF.2 - (Secretariat) List of documents under agenda item
  English  DOC (46Kb) PDF (74Kb)
TRANS/WP.15/75/INF.1 - (Secrétariat) Liste des documents à metre à disposition
  French  DOC (24Kb) PDF (58Kb)