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UN Model Regulations Rev. 22 (2021)

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At its tenth session, (11 December 2020), the Committee adopted a set of amendments to the Model Regulations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods (see ST/SG/AC.10/48/Add.1), concerning, inter alia:

  • Electric storage systems (including modification of the lithium battery mark and provisions for transport of assembled batteries not equipped with overcharge protection);
  • Requirements for the design, construction, inspection and testing of portable tanks with shells made of fibre reinforced plastics (FRP) materials;
  • Listing of dangerous goods; and
  • Harmonization with the IAEA Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material.

The twenty-second revised edition of the Recommendations takes account of these amendments. You will find below the electronic version of the publication, available for free for consultation purposes in the six UN official languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish). The files are published on this page as soon as they become available for each linguistic version. To obtain an unprotected e-copy or a hard copy of the official publication, please contact the UN publications service.

A version (English only) with track changes is also available: Volume I and Volume II.