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4th session

ECOSOC Sub-Committee of Experts on the GHS

AC.10/C.4 Informal documents 4th session
UN/SCEGHS/4/INF.19 - Activities for Training a Capacity Building for GHS Implementation
  English - - - - - - PDF (1245Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/4/INF.26- Proposed Amendments to Annex 6
  English DOC(208Kb) PDF (53Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/4/INF./Rev.1- GHS Label Examples
  English DOC(215Kb) PDF (62Kb)

UN/SCEGHS/4/INF.25 - Terms of reference for further work on GHS labels

  English DOC(23Kb) PDF (8Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/4/INF.24 - Second draft Resolution for consideration by the Committee
  English DOC(38Kb) PDF (16Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/4/INF.23 - Amendments to the GHS
  English DOC(348Kb) PDF (134Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/4/INF.22 - (Secretariat) Procedure for provisional acceptance of a substance, mixture or article in the class of explosives
  English - - - - - - PDF (2532Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/4/INF.21 - (Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom, United States of America) Proposal for a Health Hazard Symbol
  English DOC(154Kb) PDF (16Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/4/INF.20 - (Sweden) GHS Health Hazard Symbol
  English - - - - - - PDF (669Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/4/INF.19 - (USA) Editorial and Technical Corrections to the GHS and Document ST/SG/AC.10/C.4/2002/16 and Addenda
  English DOC(59Kb) PDF (34Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/4/INF.18 - (UNITAR) Activities of the UNITAR/ILO GHS Capacity Building Programme and the UNITAR/ILO/OECD Global GHS Partnership
  English DOC(130Kb) PDF (191Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/4/INF.17 - (OECD Secretariat) Offer from IGUS to assist with future technical revisions of the physical hazard classes of the GHS, as appropriate (Agenda item 3: Work for the biennium 2003-2004)
  English DOC(22Kb) PDF (76Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/4/INF.16 - GHS Editorial Group: Annexe 8 et Annexe 9
  English DOC(752Kb) PDF (753Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/4/INF.15 - (Canada) Part2 PHYSICAL HAZARDS (ST/SG/AC.10/C.4/16/Add.2) and ANNEX 1 Allocation of Label Elements (ST/SG/AC.10/C.4/16/Add.4)
  English DOC(55Kb) PDF (47Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/4/INF.14 - (Secretariat) Revision of ISO 11014 Safety data sheet
  English DOC(114Kb) PDF (192Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/4/INF.14/Add.1 - Comparison among Draft of Revision, GHS-SDS and ISO11014-1:1994
  English DOC(228Kb) PDF (134Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/4/INF.13 - GHS Master: Annex 9
  English DOC(205Kb) PDF (177Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/4/INF.12 - GHS Master: Annex 8
  English DOC(690Kb) PDF (611Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/4/INF.11 - GHS Master: Annex 4 to 7
  English DOC(569Kb) PDF (372Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/4/INF.10 - GHS Master: Annex 3
  English DOC(441Kb) PDF (318Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/4/INF.9 - GHS Master: Annex 2
  English DOC(1463Kb) PDF (527Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/4/INF.8 - GHS Master: Annex 1
  English DOC(1139Kb) PDF (867Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/4/INF.7 - GHS Master: Part 3, Chapters 3.5 to 3.10
  English DOC(1106Kb) PDF (569Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/4/INF.6 - GHS Master: Part 3, Chapters 3.1 to 3.4
  English DOC(Kb) PDF (Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/4/INF.5 GHS Master: Part 2
  English DOC(797Kb) PDF (504Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/4/INF. 4 GHS Master: Part 1
  English DOC(895Kb) PDF (373Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/4/INF. 3 GHS Master: Table of contents
  English DOC(321Kb) PDF (104Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/4/INF.2 List of documents under agenda item
  English DOC(30Kb) PDF (82Kb)
UN/SCEGHS/4/INF.1 List of documents
  English DOC(38Kb) PDF (63Kb)