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Methane Mondays

Methane Monday

Methane Mondays is a series of online events to discuss coal mine methane related issues. 

They are organized jointly by the UNECE Group of Experts on Coal Mine Methane and EMBER.

The meetings held in 2021 will constitute a part of the 11th International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development, which this year due to COVID-19 restrictions is held online and comprises of multiple events delivered under the Forum’s banner.

Our goal is to create a space in which stakeholders holding different, sometimes opposing opinions, could talk, try to understand each other's positions, and try to find a middle ground allowing to move forward on methane issue.

While we differ, we need to find a common solution. Whether we like it or not, our paths will intersect, and we should take each opportunity to learn and look for ways to work together. Furthermore, it is in our interest to do so, as inaction and Business as Usual approach will deliver suboptimal outcomes for each and any party involved.

Therefore, whether you believe that methane is nothing more than a threat and a pollutant, or you believe that it is a clean destination fuel for the future economy, please join our discussion and present your position using hard, scientifically grounded evidence. Whether you give a priority to the environment, economy, or social welfare, bring your arguments to the table and work on convincing others to follow your way of thinking, being at the same time ready to recognize alternative points of view, no matter how much in conflict they might be with your own.

Please note that all sessions are held in English and Russian with a simultaneous interpretation.

Please see below summaries of all sessions that have been delivered so far, as well as the agenda for the upcoming meeting.

Please also visit the news section to learn about the newest information from the CMM world provided by our partners and participants.

Methane Mondays Interviews

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To visit our page featuring interviews with members of our community please click here



Due to the technically limited capacity of our virtual meeting room, the maximum number of people that we are able to host at each session is 100.

At each session the priority is given to the experts who are already involved in the process, i.e. those who either responded to our survey or already participated in any of the meetings.

Should there be places available, everyone who is interested to join the meetings is kindly asked to please send a message to
Please note that the remaining seats will be distributed on a first come first serve basis.   

Rules of Procedure

Methane Mondays - RoP

Summaries of the past sessions

First (organizational) Meeting, 16 August - Summary 

Second Meeting, 8 October - Summary . Second meeting, 8 October - Chat. Please also visit a webpage of the 2nd session (featuring presentations from the meating)

Upcoming sessions

Webpage of the 3rd session

Third Meeting, December - Outline 


(avaiable soon)