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Являясь инструментом инновационной политики, бизнес-инкубаторы (БИ) обладают большим потенциалом для стимулирования инновационного предпринимательства за счет предоставления стимулов, обеспечения поддержки, налаживания связей и создания благоприятных условий для людей, которые хотят разрабатывать и
The handbook seeks to support policymakers in the Eastern Europe and South Caucasus (EESC) sub-region to design effective policies and institutions to further enable and foster the potential of innovative, high-growth entrepreneurship as invaluable drivers for innovation-led sustainable development
В этом буклете на 17 страницах кратко изложены основные идеи и рекомендации, сформулированные в Обзоре инновационной политики (IPO), 2020 года. Он также имеется здесь на русском языке.
Субрегион Восточной Европы и Южного Кавказа (ВЕЮК) (Азербайджан, Армения, Беларусь, Грузия, Республика Молдова и Украина) обладает значительным потенциалом для устойчивого роста и развития. Инновации или широкое экспериментирование с новыми идеями имеют решающее значение для максимального
Georgia engaged in an impressive array of reforms during the past two decades, turning it into one of the most open, well-governed countries with economies in transition in the UNECE region. The regulatory climate for doing business ranks among the best globally, and Georgia has become a vibrant
  Innovation is central to the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and to economic development across the world. One of the most open and democratic countries in the region, with a strategic location, educated work force, strong legacy of applied research, competitive wage
The public sector plays a very significant role in modern economies. As in the business sector, innovation can be a major source of productivity growth, cost savings and improvements in service quality; benefits which then also positively affect businesses and citizens who rely on an efficient
  nnovation is a pillar of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and of approaches to economic development across the world. This is particularly prominent in Belarus, with its legacy of world-class scientific research and industrial production, where the Government has
  Innovation has never been higher on the economic policy agenda, and features prominently in the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The Republic of Tajikistan has achieved strong economic and social development over recent years, and has made important steps in moving away
Overall text Innovation is a key driver of sustainable development and economic growth, and for meeting the Millennium Development Goals, as re-affirmed by the 2013 Annual Ministerial Review of the United Nations Economic and Social Council. The global financial crisis of 2008-2009, the effects of
Many transition economies in Europe and Central Asia are endowed with rich natural resources and biodiversity. At the same time, global climate change and associated extreme weather events are already affecting these countries, with serious economic and social consequences. This Guide reflects
The Innovation Performance Review of Kazakhstan continues the series of national assessments of innovation policies initiated by the pilot Innovation Performance Review of Belarus. These policy advisory exercises draw on the experience accumulated by the UNECE in the identification of good
The publication has been prepared on the basis of policy documents and other materials submitted to the UNECE by members of its Team of Specialists on Intellectual Property, as well as other publicly available documents and materials. It also draws on the outcomes of international conferences
This publication presents a collection of contributions by experts involved in the UNECE work on innovation and competitiveness policies carried out under the UNECE Committee on Economic Cooperation and Integration (CECI). The publication addresses a wide range of issues related to the promotion
A Practical Guide to Early Stage FinancingThis guide provides practical advice on the different sources of finance available to innovative companies in the early stages of their development. It also presents the various policy options and instruments that can be deployed by the public sector
Policy Options and Practical Instruments Innovation in its many forms has been recognized as a critical dimension in improving economic performance in knowledge-driven economies. The innovation activity of firms is a key driver of competitiveness and economic growth. Although the process
Lessons learned from the experiences of UNECE countriesThis review focuses on knowledge and innovation as key factors for competitiveness and growth in the modern economy. Policies seeking to create an environment conducive to the generation and diffusion of innovation are increasingly taking