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Terms of Reference

The Committee on Innovation, Competitiveness and Public-Private Partnerships (CICPPP) is an intergovernmental body that annually gathers ECE member States to promote a conducive policy, financial and regulatory environment for economic growth, innovative development, higher competitiveness. CICPPP focuses on specific topics and aims at strengthening the competitiveness of member States’ economies by:

  • promoting the knowledge-based economy and innovation;
  • facilitating the development of entrepreneurship, the emergence of new enterprises, and improving corporate responsibility;
  • facilitating effective regulatory policies and corporate governance, including the financial sector;
  • promoting public-private partnerships for domestic and foreign investment.


To achieve these goals, the Committee:

  • serves as a platform for policy dialogue, exchange of experience and good practices; 
  • develops guidelines and policy recommendations for Governments on the basis of the discussions from the policy dialogues, experience and best practice exchange; 
  • provides demand-driven policy advisory services and capacity-building activities.  


Please consult the Committee Terms of Reference below:

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