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Increasing Resilience to Climate Change


The work on climate change under the Protocol, led by Italy and the Netherlands, is aimed at increasing resilience in the water, sanitation and health sectors. Activities support preparedness and response to water-related disasters, extreme events and other climate change-induced effects at the policy, strategic and practitioner levels.

The work under the Protocol requires an intersectoral approach, engaging water, climate and public health authorities and expertise. The community of practice established under this programme area is therefore well positioned to address common priorities and ensure that these translate into clear action-oriented policies. Climate experts are encouraged to work closely with existing Protocol's focal points responsible for environment, water and health.

Future activities contained in the 2023-2025 programme of work under the Protocol include:

  • Development of technical guidelines/collection of good practices on strengthening climate resilience of water and sanitation sectors and across other relevant sectors;
  • National capacity building activities, including support for climate-sensitive targets on water, sanitation, hygiene and health;
  • Recommendations on how to streamline Protocol-related processes with global and regional climate processes, such as the development of National Adaptation Plans;
  • Events at regional and subregional levels on strengthening the climate resilience of the water and sanitation sectors and services, including preparing for and responding to extreme weather events;
  • Development of a document or tool on financing climate-resilient drinking water and sanitation services, including in relation to investment planning.

Latest meetings and events:

Guidance documents:

Last update date: November 21, 2023