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The Protocol’s compliance mechanism allows members of the public to file individual or collective complaints (communications) to the Compliance Committee in case a State does not comply with its obligations under the Protocol.

Communications may be submitted by any member of the public (any natural or legal persons and, in accordance with national legislation or practice, their associations, organizations or groups). The member of the public filing the communication does not need to be a citizen of the State Party concerned or to be based in its territory, neither to demonstrate injury or to be specifically affected in order to submit a communication. The communicant does not need to be represented by or seek advice from a lawyer, although legal assistance may be useful.

More information can be found in the following guidance document:

Overview of the system. Communications from the public to the Compliance Committee of the Protocol on Water and Health (in EnglishFrench and Russian)

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(Communication on 24.11.2014)


Completed The communicant alleges that Portugal is not in compliance with its obligations under articles 6 and 7 of the Protocol by failing to submit its summary report within the second reporting exercise under the Protocol. Full information
Last update date: December 25, 2020