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Addressing the compounded food and energy crisis in Ukraine through innovative technologies and adaptive agricultural practices


UNECE is implementing extrabudgetary project “Addressing the compounded food and energy crisis in Ukraine through innovative technologies and adaptive agricultural practices.” The project is part of a Joint SDG Fund Development Emergency Modality – Response to the Global Crisis on Food, Energy, Finance project to be implemented in Ukraine. This project is implemented jointly with FAO (lead agency) and UNEP under the overall coordination of the Resident Coordinator Office in Ukraine.

The project is developed in response to the request of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food (MAPF) for support to address fuel shortages in the agriculture sector. The request comes as both petrol and diesel become increasingly scarce and expensive, impacting production capacity at all levels.

The overall objective of the joint project is to equip the Government of Ukraine with an objective and comprehensive analysis of the biofuel production potential to solve the compound food/energy crisis in Ukraine. The project will provide analysis on the current food and energy aspects of the crisis in the country to support an informed decision on a suitable biofuel strategy for Ukraine. The project will additionally identify appropriate technologies and adaptations within the agriculture sector which can be employed to alleviate negative impacts on food production and food security. The project seeks to stimulate innovations in production and along supply chains, namely in alternative fuel use and production practices.

UNECE will be in charge of analysing the normative and institutional framework in support of increasing the renewable energy uptake with special attention to bioenergy and of organizing a multistakeholder dialogue on how to use the untapped renewable energy potential, choice of a technological focus for the demonstration project and recommendations on needed normative and institutional changes.

Project brochure 

UNECE Report

Increasing the Uptake of Biofuels and Biomass in Ukraine (English and Ukrainian


Multi-stakeholder Dialogue - Untapped Bioenergy Potential of Ukraine: Comprehensive View of Proper Use. Issues of Energy Security and Food Security (31 March 2023)


UNECE supports Ukraine in developing bioenergy resources