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About Regional Advisory Services

The purpose of the Regional Advisory Programme on Energy is to provide advice and technical assistance, of an operational nature, to countries with economies in transition and, most notably, to the most disadvantaged of these. It also complements and reinforces the regular and extrabudgetary programmes in energy.
The forms and methods of operational activities undertaken vary according to the needs of the recipient countries and the sub-regions, but invariably involve a combination of the following: the preparation and implementation of specific programmes, both issue-oriented and sub-regional in nature; the preparation of project proposals for funding by international organizations and donor countries; the development and preparation of substantive studies with participating countries relating to policy issues and energy strategies; participation in the development and implementation of programmes for capacity and institutional building and training; the organization of workshops, seminars and other group meetings; consultative and advisory missions; and study tours. The programme on energy has one Regional Advisor dedicated to it.