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Multi-stakeholder Dialogue - Untapped Bioenergy Potential of Ukraine: Comprehensive View of Proper Use. Issues of Energy Security and Food Security

31 March 2023 9:00 - 12:30
Hybrid format: online and Kyiv, Ukraine

Languages: English and Ukrainian (with simultaneous interpretation)

Link for registration:


Ukraine is the largest country in Europe in terms of its territory. An extensive natural gas transmission system (with a capacity of about 150 billion m3 per year) and underground storage facilities designed to store almost 32 billion m3 of natural gas are underutilized and can potentially store the entire existing potential of biomethane production in Ukraine (up to 10 billion m3 per year). Biomethane production can be carried out at hundreds of biomethane plants throughout Ukraine, which can promote decentralization, create new jobs, and generate funds for local budgets instead of making payments for imported natural gas.

In the summer of 2022, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food has requested UN support to address fuel shortages in the agriculture sector. The request came as fuel and energy resources became increasingly scarce and expensive, impacting agricultural production capacity at all levels. FAO, UNECE and UNEP are responding to this request by conducting a three-tiered assessment leading to a full proposal for a demonstration project in the biofuel sector, based on findings of the Joint SDG Fund project.

This project will lay a foundation for greater sustainability of both the agriculture and energy sectors for future green economic recovery through providing analysis of the impact of the current energy crisis in the country, taking also into account social, economic and environmental impacts of the ongoing war to support informed decisions on a suitable bioenergy strategy for Ukraine. This multi-stakeholder dialogue will also feed into further development of renewable energy and energy efficiency strategies and policies to strengthen energy security.


The main objective of the Multi-stakeholder Dialogue is to review the key findings of the analysis of available bioenergy potential in Ukraine and discuss key issues, identify priorities and solutions, propose concrete recommendations for developing a strategy on the production and use of bioenergy resources, in particular biomethane, bioethanol and biodiesel.

The dialogue among key stakeholders will include the identification of possible priorities to achieve food safety and relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The dialogue may also serve as a platform to exchange information on existing approaches, challenges, and different perspectives to further develop bioenergy and biofuels in Ukraine.

Target audience

Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food, Ministry of Energy, State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine, Business community, manufacturers of biomethane and biofuels, Bioenergy Association of Ukraine, renewable energy associations and market players, international organizations, commercial banks, international financial institutions, and other international and national stakeholders.


41409 _ Agenda of the Multi-stakeholder Dialogue _ 377251 _ English _ 773 _ 377683 _ pdf ESHOT-Ukraine BioEnergy ON LINE_1.pdf (application/pdf, 378.58 KB) pdf
41409 _ Policy Recommendations (DRAFT FOR DISCUSSION) _ 377252 _ English _ 773 _ 377525 _ pdf