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Working Documents 2010

ECE/TRANS/SC.2/2010/4 - (Secretariat) Towards unified railway law in the pan-European region and along Euro-Asian transport corridors: Informal Group of Experts on Unified Railway Law: Report of its second session
(St. Petersburg, 8 July 2010)

Replaced by Informal document SC.2 No. 8 Final (2010)

Informal document SC.2 No. 8 Final (2010)- (UNECE Group of Experts) Draft position paper on the Unification of Railway Law
English PDF (57 KB)
Russian PDF (146 KB)
ECE/TRANS/SC.2/2010/2 - (TER PCO) Trans-European Railway (TER) Project: Report of activities implemented in 2009-2010
English PDF (63 KB)
French PDF(62 KB)
Russian PDF (152 KB)
ECE/TRANS/SC.2/2010/1 - (Secretariat in cooperation with an informal ad hoc expert group) Amendment proposals: Review of the technical characteristics of the AGC and AGTC rail networks
English PDF (86 KB)
French PDF (90 KB)
Russian PDF (206 KB)