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Rail Innovation Observatory

Rail innovation


As part of the work of the Working Party on Rail Transport (SC.2), the Rail Innovation Observatory offers a comprehensive list of articles describing innovative solutions that have been implemented or tested worldwide.

The main goal of this instrument is to foster the introduction of technologies or strategies which could enhance the use of railways as a sustainable means of transport


Power-generating railway tracks are coming down the line

Railway group tracks course of innovation

HS2 launch rail systems innovation competition

Rail operator Northern wins innovation award for intelligent trains

SNCF to explore if MagRail technology can improve rail capacity

Environmental sustainability innovation: Leading companies in heat recycling HVAC systems for the railway industry

At 281 miles an hour, China's new high-speed maglev train is the world's fastest

Environmental sustainability innovation: Leading companies in electric locomotives

Thinking outside the box: how an innovative level crossing project encapsulates the future of rail

Flexibility, Accessibility, and Sustainability Will Define Rolling Stock Interiors

Delivering the Railway of the Future

London North Eastern Railway trials pioneering customer information screens

How can we modernise rail networks without disrupting passengers?

Five innovations that could shape the future of rail travel

Autonomous train in Finland: the goal is to double railway transport

Wanted: Future Interlocking Technology

How Norway is driving a new era of rail digitalization

Rail Baltica Presents Vision for Future Riga Central Railway Station

Washington Metro Presents Designs for Future Trains

The future of rail: automated object inspections

First hybrid battery train makes its way to Europe as the EU tries to reduce carbon emissions

North America’s first hydrogen-powered train debuts in Canada

Honolulu's Skyline Metro: The First Fully Autonomous Metro System in the United States

Easy to use app for more inclusive route planning

Augmented reality station maps designed to assist passengers

Paris to Berlin in an hour: Welcome to the future of high-speed rail travel in Europe

Technical feasibility analysis and introduction strategy of the virtually coupled train set concept

European digital automatic coupler deployment planned by 2030

China Railway completes tests on high-speed trains at speeds up to 453 km/h, the fastest in the world

DfT Funding to Advance the Development of Sustainable Self-Charging Trains

Train Léger innovant, le train qui fait bouger les lignes

Autonomous shuttles in Bad Birnbach – or why you find the future of public transport in rural areas

Train à conduite assistée vers une révolution ferroviaire

Railway innovation on the right track

Emerging Technological Innovations Reshaping the Future of Urban Rail Systems

Rail Technology and latest innovations in Railway sector

The Liberty Wheel: a sustainable, eco-friendly, reliable and cost-saving innovation

Why railway transport needs artificial intelligence (AI)

Innovations in Rail Transport: How Hydrogen Fuel Cells are Changing the Game

Swiss train innovation hits a major milestone with track-jumping cars