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Model Rules on the Permanent Identification of Railway Rolling Stock

The Model Rules facilitate the financing and acquisition of railway rolling stock leading to a reduced cost for those wishing to invest in the railways. They are issued under the auspices of SC.2 and implement a key requirement of the Luxembourg Protocol to the Cape Town Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment. The rules lay down the methods and responsibilities for affixing the URVIS identifier to an item of railway rolling stock.

The Model Rules were adopted by the Inland Transport Committee in February 2023 as the 60th legal instrument under its purview. Guidance Notes have been prepared to support the implementation of the Model Rules and they are available here.

In order to ensure that the Model Rules are kept up to date, a Revisions Committee has been established by the Working Party on Rail Transport. This Revisions Committee meets annually according to defined Terms of Reference.

Information on the individual sessions of the Revisions Committee are available under the “Events” tab on the Rail Transport homepage.