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2018 National Implementation Reporting

2018 National Implementation Reporting
To be submitted by 1 November 2018
Reporting Template: download here in English, French, Russian
In 2018, the Steering Committee will carry out its fourth national implementation reporting cycle - a unique exercise to collect in-depth information about the successes and challenges of educating for sustainable development.
The countries' experiences are of utmost importance to learn from each other in the UNECE region and to set future priorities for ESD implementation.
To help plan the reporting exercise in your country, please find below a proposed reporting process.
Reporting template / submitting the report
The national implementation report will need to be prepared on the basis of the reporting template, developed by the UNECE Expert Group on Indicators. In 2018, the reporting format has been updated by the secretariat in consultation with the Bureau to meet the reporting needs of the current phase.
The deadline for submission of the national implementation reports to the Secretariat is 1 November 2018.
Reports should be submitted to the secretariat electronically in Word format [or online at the following link]. The email address for submission is esd [@]
The text of the report should be in English. Member States are encouraged to provide the text in the two other official languages of the ECE, French and Russian.
For examples of how to fill in the template and further explanations of the reporting template, please see the Guidance for Reporting which was drafted in 2009 and revised in 2014 and 2018.
Countries with a federal structure will submit one consolidated report based on subnational/State inputs.
The first three progress reports were prepared in 2007, 2010 and 2015 and have been made available on the UNECE Website. A synthesis report will equally be prepared for 2018, highlighting progress made, identifying challenges and drawing up recommendations; all submitted reports will moreover be made available in the languages in which they are received and no editing will be provided.
The UNECE secretariat stands ready to offer any support and assistance it can to the national Focal Points in the preparation and submission of the reports.


Proposed process for preparing the national implementation report
National preparation process Time required Tentative timing
First draft of the report 1 month June 2018
Multi-stakeholder consultation on the draft 1-3 months July-September 2018
Final report preparation (including translation, where required) 1 month October 2018
Deadline for submission of national implementation reports to ECE   1 November 2018