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Forest Fires


Forest fire Statistics provides statistics on forest fires in the UNECE region, Europe, North America and the countries of the CIS.  Shown are the number and size of fires by forest types and causes.  Previous editions were published under the ECE/TIM series, since 1994 they are part of the Timber Bulletin.   This data collection was discontinued after the 2002 issue of the Timber Bulletin.
1999-2001 Timber Bulletin,  Volume LV (2002)
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1998-2000 Timber Bulletin,  Volume LIV (2001)
download EXCEL file - 559 KB
1997-1999 Timber Bulletin,  Volume LIII (2000)
1996-1998 Timber Bulletin,  Volume LII (1999)
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1995-1997 Timber Bulletin,  Volume LI (1998)
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1994-1996 Timber Bulletin,  Volume L (1997)
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IFFN is a biannual ECE/FAO publication, which is intended to enhance the exchange of information on wildland fire management and related sciences.  It provides information about fire related issues in various countries:  fire management programmes, cooperation, recent and forthcoming meetings and publications.  Short reports provided by government bodies or individual scientists and managers are given together with bibliographical sources and contact addresses.  It also serves as news bulletin for IUFRO's Subject Group S1.09, Forest Fire Research.   It is produced with the cooperation of the International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC) Project (IGBP), the International Boreal Forest Research Association and the Bureau of Land Management of the United States Department of the Interior.  Copies are available free of charge from the secretariat. IFFN can also be consulted at the FIRE GLOBE, Global Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC).
FAO Activities on forest fires

Information on FAO activities on forest fires can be found at: