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Current prices

Here are the UNECE/FAO price series. These data (87 total, 77 active series) are updated on a regular basis using publicly available information sources. Our data providers have graciously given us permission to use their data here (information on sources of price data)

Price Database 

last updated March 2023. Note that the file contains macros.

This system is under permanent development and we would welcome your comments.  Suggestions for additional series to be included are also of interest.  An instruction sheet is included in the file along with a description of the price series.  You can find below a description of the series changes to the price database and when updates have been made.

Historical Prices

This file is an extract of the TIMBER database, showing volume and value of trade for all countries and products. The unit price is calculated for each product/country and each year from 1964-2020.   It is only calculated for items where the volume exceeds 10 (thousand m3 or mt) and the value exceeds $100,000.

Export and Import Unit Prices (1964-2020)

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Price Info



Last update date: March 21, 2023