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Group of Experts on International railway passenger hubs

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Group of Experts on international railway passenger hubs

The Group of Experts on international railway passenger hubs (GE_HUBS) is a team of specialists identifying a network of international passenger stations which passengers can travel to and from with a standard set of key parameters. In doing this the experts will:

(a) Identify the technical and service parameters necessary for the definition of an “International railway passenger hub or hubs”;
(b) Identify which stations on the AGC network should be defined as an “International railway passenger hub” and its type as appropriate;
(c) Identify what legal instrument or tool should be used to define and implement these “International railway passenger hubs” and draft the necessary legal provisions;
(d) Analyse the legal framework governing international passenger transportation in order to identify restrictions hindering the development of international passenger transport by rail in East – West traffic and prepare recommendations for its improvement;
(e) Prepare a document (recommendations, joint action plan, ECE ITC resolution) on measures to support international rail carriers in the context of the crisis caused by the pandemic of the new coronavirus infection COVID-19;
(f) Propose a way forward in the form of a report to the Working Party on Rail Transport for consideration.

The Group is responding to the need to further facilitate the shift to rail and encourage the use of the railways for international passenger movements

Terms of Reference of the Group of Experts on international railway passenger hubs