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Group of Experts on the Permanent Identification of Railway Rolling Stock

The Group of Experts on Permanent Identification of Railway Rolling Stock (GE_PIRRS) is a team of specialists, developing a system to fix a unique identifier on railway rolling stock, including conventional rail equipment as well as light rail, trams, cable cars and people movers at airports.

The Group is responding to the need arising from the Luxembourg Rail Protocol, which provides a global system for uniquely identifying railway rolling stock with identification numbers issued by an international registry. This system is known as the Unique Rail Vehicle Identification System (URVIS). The URVIS number must be fixed permanently to the rolling stock, should conform with current industry practice and anticipate technology and other advances in the future.

The Group of Experts focuses on finding an optimal way for marking railway rolling stock with unique identifiers, while complying with the requirements under the Luxembourg Rail Protocol.

The Luxembourg Rail Protocol applies the Cape Town Convention, which introduced a new global system for recognition, prioritisation and enforcement of creditor and lessor rights, to all railway rolling stock. 

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