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Digital Regulation of Goods and Artificial Intelligence


Digital Regulation of Goods and Artificial Intelligence

Digital innovations and the quickly changing regulatory landscape increase complexity for technical regulation. This provides great opportunities, but also great challenges for the various parts of quality infrastructure (regulation, standards, conformity assessment and market surveillance). The properties of products with embedded digital technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) can intrinsically change during their lifecycle and as a result, new methods and tools will be needed for continuous compliance. These will need to address traceability, auditability and verification, embracing the whole product life cycle. This is particularly important to be able to address many regulatory concerns simultaneously while also addressing trade barriers and creating a level playing field for business. Also, as technologies become more prevalent in products, agencies within a same economy may be taking divergent approaches.

WP.6 provides a unique competence within international regulatory cooperation and standardization policy to address digital trade regulation challenges. WP.6 seeks to provide efficient and practical guidance on how members States and businesses may actively reduce technical barriers to trade (TBT) through harmonized regulatory approaches, exchange of best practice on market surveillance and identification of risk management techniques adapted to the digital sphere, taking also on board broader global and societal concerns (such as the risks presented by products with embedded digital technologies for children and youth) addressed in technical product regulation.

In focus

Phase 2 of the WP.6 AI project was launched on 9 January 2024 with an aim to create a CRA. The next meeting is planned for 6 February. Any comments or suggestions for the regulatory requirements, conformity and market surveillance sections are requested to be submitted to the secretariat by 23 January.

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Regulatory compliance of products with embedded artificial intelligence or other digital technologies





Moving towards a digital and green economy: the importance of standardization and harmonized policies
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