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UN/LOCODE National Focal Points

Country Agency Name First Name Last Name eMail Official Nomination
Albania Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Thana Elson   Since 01.07.2015
Andorra Ministry of Land Management Fidel Bonet [email protected] Since 03.07.2015
Australia Department of Home Affairs Rose Lopez [email protected] Since
Austria Federal Ministry of Finance Hugo Richard Mayer [email protected] Since 01.04.2015
Azerbaijan Ministry of Transport Heydar Turabov [email protected] Since 04.06.2015
Brazil Customs Administration of Brazil Tiago Spengler [email protected] Since 01.07.2015
Chile Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Undersecretariat of International Economic Affairs Jorge Vásquez [email protected] Since
China China National Institute of Standardization Yinfen Zhang [email protected] Since 26.02.2020
Colombia Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism Luis Fernando Fuentes Ibarra [email protected] Since 29.06.2015
Croatia Croatian Chamber of Economy Sasa Subotic [email protected] Since 29.06.2015
Cyprus Department of Transport, Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works Alkis Ioannou [email protected] Since 13.03.2019
Denmark Danish Agency for Data Supply and Efficency Marie Pallisgaard Thomsen [email protected] Since
Democratic Republic of Congo Ministère des Transports Voies de Communication et de Desenclavement, République Dèmocratique du Congo Jonathan Mukeba [email protected] Since
Djibouti Director General of Maritime Affairs, Ministry of Transport Ali Mirah Chehem Daoud [email protected] Since 23.11.2020
Egypt Manager of Information Systems, Maritime Transport Sector, Ministry of Transport Ahmed Hekal [email protected] Since
Estonia Estonian Maritime Administration Alar Siht [email protected] Since 18.09.2015
Finland Finish Transport Agency Antti Arkima [email protected] Since 27.10.2015

Chargé de mission Fret et Logistique

Direction Générale des Infrastructures, des Transports et des Mobilités Agence de l'Innovation pour les transports Sous direction

Multimodalité Innovation Numérique et Territoires/ Pôle numérique

Victor Dolcemascolo [email protected] Since 25.4.2022
Germany German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure Falk Bethke

[email protected]

Since 01.03.2018
Greece Warrant Officer (HCC), Ministry of Shipping and Insular Policy, Hellenic Coast Guard, Safety of Navigation Directorate Maria Vafeidou [email protected] Since 01.09.2016
Guinea, Republic Chef de Service CINFOCOM / Direction Nationale de la Marine Marchande Ahmadou Bailo Balde [email protected]
[email protected]
Iceland Icelandic Transport Authority Halldor Zoega [email protected] Since 20.04.2015
India Deputy Director General of Foreign Trade,  Government of India Moin Afaque [email protected] Since
Indonesia Ministry of Transporation Hadi Sholekhan Arif [email protected] / [email protected] Since
Israel State of Israel /Ministry of Finance
Israel Tax Authority
Inbal Levi [email protected] Since
Italy Department for Transport, Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport Antonio Erario [email protected] Since 17.06.2015
Japan Japan Association for Simplification of International Trade Procedures Daizo Kiyotomo [email protected]) Since 01.04.2021
Korea, Republic of Nation IT Industry Promotion Agency Euna Choi [email protected] Since 07.04.2015
Lao PDR Ministry of Industry and Commerce Khambay Sithirajvongsa [email protected] Since 18.08.2015
Moldova Naval Transport Service, Ministry of Transport and Roads Infrastructure Nicolae Malic [email protected] Since 08.07.2015
Monaco Département de l'Equipement, l'Environnement et de l'Urbanisme Christian Palmaro [email protected] Since 28.09.2015
Mongolia Maritime Administration of Mongolia


Batdelger  [email protected] Since 15.11.2023
Morocco Ministry of Equipment, Transportation, Logistics and Water Nahil Nadia [email protected] Since 26.02.2020
Nepal Ministry of Industry, Commerce & Supplies Navaraj Dhakal [email protected] Since 04.09.2019
Netherlands Statistics Netherlands Zentjens Wilfred [email protected] Since 13.05.2019
Norway Norwegian Coastal Administration Tor-Inge Miljeteig [email protected]  
Oman Ports and Maritime Affairs of Sultanate of Oman Waleed Al-Rahbi [email protected] Since 30.03.2020
Pakistan Ministry of Communications Shahbaz Latif Mirza [email protected] Since 29.09.2020
Saudi Arabia Transport General Authority Kamal Mohammed Al Junaidi [email protected] Since
Seychelles Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Transport Jane Larue [email protected] Since 10.07.2015
Spain Agency 'State Ports' Jaime Luezas Alvarado [email protected] Since 04.11.2015

Swedish Maritime Administration

Jonna Tornemark [email protected] Since 14.02.2023
Thailand Electronic Transactions Development Agency Supachok Jantarapatin [email protected] Since 29.11.2017
Türkiye Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Alper Keçeli [email protected] Since 06.01.2017
United Arab Emirates Federal Transport Authority Abdulla Alhayyas [email protected] Since 14.05.2020
United Kingdom HM Revenue and Customs Mohammed Aqueel [email protected] Since
United States of America Department of Transportation Derald Dudley [email protected] Since 25.08.2015
Last update date: April 2, 2024