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e-CERT: Electronic SPS Certificate

This standard is involved in cross border trade where SPS certification is required to facilitate the exchange of information for traded agricultural products between governments regulators involved in cross border trade where export/import certification is required to facilitate entry of product.

The solution is reflecting established business processes that operate in accordance with international SPS standards and bilateral agreements made by government regulators.

The structure of an electronic SPS certificate has been published by UN/CEFACT as a global international standard under the name e-CERT.

The standard includes:

  • A Business Requirement Specification (BRS) or Business Process Model, which explains the business processes that are supported by the e-CERT standard;
  • A Data Requirement Specification (RSM), which is a data model of the message and explains the data fields used in the message;
  • A set of XML Schemas, which specify the structure of the messages for electronic exchange of the certificates.

Business Requirement Specification


SPS Acknowledgement

SPS Certificate
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