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21st session

The venue of the meeting will be at the Hotel Arcadia, Františkánska 3, 81101  Bratislava, Slovakia.
The Informal Ad hoc Expert Group on Conceptual and Technical Aspects of Computerization of the TIR Procedure (GE.1) held its twenty first session on 25 and 26 September 2012 in Bratislava, at the kind invitation of the Slovak Customs administration. On behalf of the Financial Directorate of the Slovak Republic, Mr. Robert Nosian, Director Customs Section, delivered an introductory statement. With reference to the ninth session of GE.1, which took place in 2006, he welcomed participants once more to Bratislava. Pointing at the challenging issues on the agenda, he reconfirmed the importance attached by the Slovak Customs administration to the activities of GE.1, as well as expressing the general support by the Slovak authorities of the activities undertaken in the framework of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the eTIR Project in particular.
The session was attended by experts from Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Turkey. Experts representing the European Commission (EC) and the International Road Transport Union (IRU) also attended the session.

Informal document GE.1 No.8 (2012)


   Informal document GE.1 No.9 (2012) - eTIR focal points
   Informal document GE.1 No.10 (2012) - International declaration mechanisms
   (Informal document GE.1 No.11 (2012) - eTIR Reference Model v.4.0) will not be issued for the session
   Informal document GE.1 No.12 (2012) - Cost-Benefit Analysis
   Informal document GE.1 No.13 (2012) - Dematerialisation of attached documents


ECE/TRANS/WP.30/2013/5 (EnglishFrenchRussian)


B2C-C2B: TIR Computerization latest progress
P. Grosjean


Amendment proposals to the eTIR Reference Model
International declaration mechanisms

A. Sceia


eTIR Reference Model v.4.0
A. Sceia


Cost Benefits Analysis

A. Sceia


The declaration as an attached document
A. Sceia


Dematerialization of documents attached to the TIR Carnet
A. Sceia

Contact and Registration

    Focal point: André Sceia
    Phone: +41 (0)22 917 1313
    E-mail: etir [at]