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Project Results

The project had several deliverables. Some of the project results are:
  • A Operational Steering Committee and six Working Groups to manage the different reform programmes were established
  • Substantive reform of Customs procedures initiated, support to the automation of the customs procedures (ICISNet rollout) and implementation of an automated risk assessment system
  • Authorized economic operator scheme rolled out
  • More than 15 workshops and capacity building events organised
  • Business Processes Analysis and simplification undertaken using UNNEXT Business Process Analysis Method
  • Authorized Traders Scheme established with over 40 exporters registered (accounting for 40% of the total exporting activity in fresh fruits and vegetables)
  • Proposal for a competitive agriculture export strategy (Greek Smarter Food) developed pilot project for the implementation of a Single Window launched


Even if it is too soon to determine the long term impact of the trade facilitation reforms undertaken in Greece, once is sure: in a very short time Greece has made important progress in the implementation of trade facilitation. And this has already had an impact in Greece trade performance. For instance, in less than two years, Greece has significantly improved its international ranking in trade facilitation and trade competitiveness.
The actions already implemented by the Greek administrations as well as the private sector stakeholders bring tangible benefits to the Greek traders and businesses, as evidenced by international studies and reports that were published until the thiry quarter of 2014.
  • Since 2012, Greece has improved its ranking in the World Bank Doing Business study by 39 positions from position100 to 61*.
  • The competitive position of Greece in the Logistic Performance Index has improved by 25 positions. The concrete results for Customs are overwhelming with an improvement by 52 positions, from 94 to 42.
  • The time to export and import has been reduced by 25% and 44% respectively.
  • The cost to export and import has gone down by approximately 10%.

*  International Ranking

The following tables show the positive results over the past years in the rankings of the Doing Business and the Logistics Performance Index (LPI) of the World Bank:
Doing Business 2012 2013 2014 2015
Doing business* 100 78 72 61
Trading across borders* 84 62 52 48
Time to export (days) 20 19 16 15
Cost to export
(US$ per container)
1153 1115 1040 1040
Time to import (days) 25 15 15 14
Cost to import
(US$ per container)
1265 1135 1135 1135

Source: UNECE with data from World Bank Doing Business Report

WB Logistics Performance Indicators (LPI) 2012 2014
LPI* 69 44
Customs* 94 42
Logistics*Shipping* 7387 4062
Tracking*Logistics* 6373 6140
Tracking* 63 61

Source: UNECE with data from World Bank Logistics Performance Index

*International Ranking