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Circular STEP: UNECE Stakeholder Engagement Platform

Circular STEP Stakeholder Engagement Platform to accelerate the circular economy transition in the UNECE region

Circular STEP was launched in April 2022 to “step-up” the circular economy transition, filling gaps and creating synergies among the many practical and value-creating initiatives in the sphere of the circular economy. Its objective is to develop and disseminate evidence-based international good policy practices and unite experts from national, regional, and local governments, business and academic community, civil society from the UNECE region. The circular economy is a very wide topic, Circular STEP has started by zooming into eight areas: Trade, Innovation-Enhancing Procurement, Waste Management, Small and Medium Enterprises, Traceability of Value Chains, Financing, Digital Solutions, Institutional Arrangements. The activities of the network are demand driven, to address the priorities and needs of UNECE Member States. The network is maintained within a projectAccelerating the transition towards a more circular economy in the UNECE region” (multi-agency UNDA project, 2021-2024). ECTD regularly sends out newsletters, updating members about ongoing activities. More information about Circular Step is available in the brochure here.

Join the Circular STEP by submitting the questionnaire (Circular STEP: Membership Questionnaire (

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