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Effets des changements climatiques et adaptation à ces changements dans les réseaux de transport internationaux

Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation for International Transport Networks : interactive report

Download PDF (French, also available in English and Russian)

This report has been prepared to assist the work of the UNECE Group of Experts on Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation for International Transport Networks, in accordance with its agreed work programme and its main objectives (ECE/TRANS/WP.5/GE.3/2011/1).

The report consists of 5 substantive chapters. Chapter 1 provides a short review of the scientific background of climate change and its effects on both a global scale and in the ECE region. Chapter 2 presents some of the potential impacts of the different manifestations of climate change on transport networks. This section pays particular emphasis identifying issues pertinent to transport infrastructure in the ECE region and taking into account the different modes of transportation. Chapter 3 presents a brief analysis of the results of the questionnaire circulated to UNECE member countries and international organizations in 2012. Chapter 4 provides a summary of  available adaptation responses. Chapter 5 summarizes the conclusions and recommendations of the Group of Experts.