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Transport, Health, Environment (THE PEP)

The Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme (THE PEP) addresses key challenges to achieve sustainable transport patterns.

It encourages governments, at national and local levels, to pursue an integrated approach to policymaking and to put sustainable mobility at the top of the international agenda.
At the Third High-level Meeting on Transport, Health and Environment in January 2009, governments adopted the Amsterdam Declaration -- Making THE Link, Transport choices for our Health, Environment and Prosperity, giving renewed political impetus to THE PEP and agreed 4 priority goals:
  • To contribute to sustainable economic development and stimulate job creation through investment in environment- and health-friendly transport
  • To manage sustainable mobility and promote a more efficient transport system
  • To reduce emissions of transport-related greenhouse gases, air pollutants and noise
  • To promote policies and actions conducive to healthy and safe modes of transport.

THE PEP comprises, inter alia, activities related to sustainable urban transport, health impacts of transport, cycling and walking as feasible non-motorised transport modes for urban areas, the Clearing House project, and consideration of institutional arrangements for policy integration.
In addition, concrete projects are developed by THE PEP Steering Committee, composed of UNECE and WHO/Europe Member State representatives from the transport, environment and health sectors, in cooperation with international and non-governmental organizations.
Through THE PEP, the transport, health and environment sectors can work together to find innovative solutions to make our environment and cities more healthy, liveable and prosperous in the coming years.