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Joint UNRCs Approach to Trade Facilitation

The Joint UNRCs Approach was agreed in Beirut in January 2010 by the Executive Secretaries of the five Regional Commissions and was subsequently endorsed by all five Regional Commissions. The Approach was designed to enable the UNRCs to present a joint view on key Trade Facilitation issues – particularly from the regional and interregional level, and to enhance the effectiveness of technical assistance and capacity building initiatives. This is particularly important in the context of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement.
A key undertaking under this approach is the Global Surveys on Trade Facilitation and Paperless Trade.
In addition, the Joint Capacity Building Package includes the following components (information and capacity building resources provided by respective Regional Commissions).
Trade facilitation and Border Facilitation

This page contains various information materials on trade facilitation issues in general.




Trade Facilitation Committees/Groups

This page contains information materials devoted to coordination and consultations between governmental agencies and private sector and also between various governmental bodies on a national level on various issues relating to trade facilitation.


Business Process Analysis (BPA) and Data harmonization (DH)

This page describes processes to be followed to analyse business processes and movements of goods, relating documents and of information flows as a pre-requisite for simplifying procedures, documents and information requirements leading to data harmonization on a national and on trans-boundary levels.

  • UN/CEFACT recommendation to governments on data harmonization (recommendation No. 34  ENG   FRE   RUS)


Single Window (SW)

This page contains recommendations, guides, studies and examples of countries’s experiences on introducing and using mechanism of single window in international trade.



Global Supply Chains (UNDA 7th tranche)

Global Trade Facilitation Forums

Global Studies

Regional Studies

Reginal Workshops

Experience and Information Sharing Networks

Education on Standardization