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Project Team Structure

Project Team Structure

Extroversion Committee

The Extroversion Committee provides the high level policy support for the implementation of the National Trade Facilitation Strategy and Roadmap (The Roadmap). Its members are the Ministers of the supporting Government agencies or delegates appointed by the Minister. The Extroversion Committee implements the Roadmap through the Operational Steering Committee.
The Extroversion Committee provides:
  • High level policy support and leadership
  • Ensures adequate resources and funding of activities
  • Legislative changes required
  • Change management and support by the participating administrations
Operational Steering Committee
The Operational Steering Committee (OSC) coordinates the implementation of the Roadmap actions for trade facilitation reform in Greece. It reports to the Extroversion Committee. The OSC leads activities on the operational level. It consists of the public and private sector stakeholders supporting the reform process.
The Operation Steering Committee:
  • Guides the implementation of the Roadmap and the Trade Facilitation reform
  • Oversee the work of the working groups
  • Provides a platform for collaboration of stakeholders
  • Approves new trade facilitation actions for implementation
  • Provides reports on the progress of the reforms
Trade Facilitation Project Management Team
The Trade Facilitation Project Management Team (PMT) provides the Secretariat services to the OSC and the working groups. The PMT is staffed by staff members from ministries assigned to the PMT. The PMT supports the meeting of the OSC and the Working Groups, preparation of documents and reports and assists the project managers in the implementation of actions. For specific activities the PMT may provide the project manager.

Advisory Group

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and the Task Force for Greece (TFGR) support the implementation of the Roadmap through advisory services. The Group provides advice and support to the PMT, contributes to key strategy and planning documents and can provide direct contributions to the implementation of Roadmap actions.

Working Groups

The working group is an inclusive platform for the different stakeholders in a specific subject area. The prime objective of the working groups is to monitor the implementation of a set of projects under the Greek trade facilitation roadmap, to ensure that the project deliverables meet the needs of the stakeholders and to provide regular project status reports to OSC. In doing so, the working groups provide guidance to the project managers and can support selected project components and alert the OSC if further intervention is needed.
The working group may also decide to discuss other issues relevant to its focus area and to develop proposals for activities for consideration in the OSC.
Eight working groups have been established: