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Every year, UNECE holds a trade-related Executive Forum at its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, to generate new ideas and solutions for international trade.

Participants include:

     Senior government policy makers
     Senior business executives
     International agencies
     Potential investors
     Non-governmental organizations

Participants exchange views and discuss their experiences in improving trade performance and economic cooperation.

Each Forum examines a specific theme relevant to trade, industry and enterprise development within the UNECE region, with emphasis on networking and information sharing.

Recent Forums

"Paperless Trade in International Supply Chains: Enhancing Efficiency and Security (20-21 June 2005)

"Competing in a Changing Europe" (2004)

"Sharing the Gains of Globalization in the New Security Environment" (2003)

"Trade Facilitation: Simpler Procedures for World Trade Growth" (2002)

"Trading into the Future: e-Services for Trade, Investment and Enterprise" (2001)

"Electronic Commerce for Transition Economies in the Digital Age" (2000)

For further information, please contact the UNECE Forum Team at [email protected]