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UN Transport Conventions (UNECE) (English, Russian)

The TIR Convention (UNECE) (English, Russian)

Computerisation of TIR (IRU) (English, Russian)

Approval of TIR Carnet holders (ABBAT) (Russian)

UNECE and the simplification of Customs and Border Crossing Procedures (UNECE) (English, Russian)

The TIR guarantee level, discussion (UNECE) (English, Russian)

TIR guarantee chain and guarantee levels (IRU) (English, Russian)

 Administrative Structure and amendment procedure of the TIR Convention (UNECE) (English, Russian)

 Procedures for approval of road vehicles/containers (English, Russian)
 TIR Training Resources (IRU) (English, Russian)
 IT tools + eTIR (UNECE) (English, Russian)
 Authorised consignor /Consignee (UNECE) (English, Russian)
 TIR-EPD for Authorised Consignor and Ro-Ro transport (IRU) (English, Russian)
 Legal Aspects of the Computerization of the TIR procedure (eTIR) (UNECE) (English, Russian)
 Modernizaton applications of TIR Convention in Turkey (Turkey) (English, Russian)
 Intermodal TIR (IRU) (English, Russian)
 Current TIR expansion efforts in China and beyond (IRU) (English, Russian)