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2nd meeting

Informal Group on Truck Cab Strength - 2nd meeting
(Paris, France, 11 September 2008)

GRSP-INF-CS/14 - (Russian Federation) Proposed changes to Regulation No. 29
English only PPT(1.96 MB) PDF(1.70 MB)
GRSP-INF-CS/13 - Attendance list
English only DOC(64 KB) PDF (29 KB)
GRSP-INF-CS/12 - Minutes of the meeting held on 11 September 2008
English only DOC(81 KB) PDF (100 KB)
GRSP-INF-CS/11 - (Sweden) Amendment to Swedish proposal ECE/TRANS/WP.29/GRSP/2007/15
English only DOC(32 KB) PDF (20 KB)
GRSP-INF-CS/10 - Draft agenda
English only DOC(49 KB) PDF (19 KB)