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Contracting Parties

Find out more on UN Inland Transport legal instruments: see the chart on the number of Contracting Parties in the past 5 years, the map showing the number of accessions and the dashboard allowing to get more information on selected legal instruments.

Number of Contracting Parties to UN Inland Transport legal instruments
in the past 5 years


Number of accessions to UN Inland Transport Legal Instruments

The darker the color, the higher the number of legal instruments acceded (in force or not). Click on a country to see the legal instruments acceded and the year of accession. Enlarge the list by clicking on the "Maximize" button of the popup window.

The boundaries and names shown and the designations used on this map do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the United Nations.


Dashboard on accessions

Select a legal instrument in force in the list below to get more information about its accessions. In the list of Contracting Parties, click on a country to get in the second tab the list of legal instruments it has acceded. For a better readability, open the full screen version here.


The charts and maps shown on this page illustrate the data collected for the legal instruments under ITC’s purview which are monitored on