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23rd session

Informal Documents

No. 12 - (Secretariat) UNDA Project on Facilitating climate change mitigation in transport through addressing its energy-environment linkage
  English   PDF  (55 KB)
No. 11 - (Secretariat) Technical assistance to countries with transition economies - Operational Activities July 2009–July 2010
  English   PDF  (55 KB)
No. 10 - Transport Trends and Challenges in Germany
  English   PDF  (295 KB)
No. 9 - TEN-T POLICY REVIEW - Expert Group 1 "Methodology for TEN-T planning"
  English   PDF  (82 KB)
No. 8 - (European Commission) The Trans-Mediterranean Transport Network
  English   PDF  (285 KB)
No. 7 - (European Commission) TEN-T Policy review
  English   PDF  (2.2 MB)
No. 6 - (CETMO) The state of Transports in the Euro-Mediterranean Region (TMN-T latest developments)
  English   PDF  (3 MB)
No. 5 - (TEM and TER project manager) New rail transport priorities in Europe and the neighbourhood countries
  English   PPT  (16.9 MB)
No. 4 - (Armenia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey) Transport Trends and Challenges: National Transport Trends (2009)
  English   PDF  (3.6 MB)
No. 3 - (IRU) Transport trends and challenges in the road sector
  English   PDF  (1.3 MB)
No. 2 - (Secretariat) Conclusions of the Round Table “Supply Chain Challenges for National Competitiveness through Transport”, 2 December 2009
  English   PDF  (90 KB)
No. 1 - (Secretariat) Transport and competitiveness
  English   PDF  (21 KB)