Change indicators

DOC DOCUMENT/MESSAGE DETAILS Function: To identify documents, either printed, electronically transferred, or referenced as specified in message description, including, where relevant, the identification of the type of transaction that will result from this message. 010 C002 DOCUMENT/MESSAGE NAME M 1001 Document/message name, coded C an..3 1131 Code list qualifier C an..3 3055 Code list responsible agency, coded C an..3 1000 Document/message name C an..35 020 C503 DOCUMENT/MESSAGE DETAILS C 1004 Document/message number C an..35 1373 Document/message status, coded C an..3 1366 Document/message source C an..35 3453 Language, coded C an..3 030 3153 COMMUNICATION CHANNEL IDENTIFIER, CODED C an..3 040 1220 NUMBER OF COPIES OF DOCUMENT REQUIRED C n..2 050 1218 NUMBER OF ORIGINALS OF DOCUMENT REQUIRED C n..2
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