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* 1131 Code list qualifier Desc: Identification of a code list. Repr: an..3 12 Telephone directory Self explanatory. 16 Postcode directory [3251] Code defining postal zones or addresses. 23 Clearing house automated payment Self explanatory. 25 Bank identification Code for identification of banks. 35 Rail additional charges Self explanatory. 36 Railways networks Self explanatory. 37 Railway locations Code identifying a location in railway environment. 38 Rail customers Self explanatory. 39 Rail unified nomenclature of goods Self explanatory. 42 Business function Self explanatory. 43 Clearing House Interbank Payment System Participants ID Participants identification of the automated clearing house of the New York Clearing House Association (CHIPS). 44 Clearing House Interbank Payment System Universal ID Universal identification of the automated clearing house of the New York Clearing House Association (CHAPS). 52 Value added tax identification Value added tax identification code. 53 Passport number Number assigned to a passport. 54 Statistical object A statistical object such as a statistical concept, array structure component or statistical nomenclature. 55 Quality conformance A code list specifying the quality standard a product complies with, e.g. ISO9000, BS5750, etc. 56 Safety regulation A code list specifying the safety regulations which apply to a product, such as UK COSHH (control of substances hazardous to health) regulations. + 57 Product code Code assigned to a specific product by a controlling agency. + 58 Business account number An identifying number or code assigned by issuing authorities to manage business activities. + 59 Railway services harmonized code Services provided by the different railway organizations. 100 Enhanced party identification Self explanatory. 101 Air carrier Self explanatory. 102 Size and type Self explanatory. 103 Call sign directory Self explanatory. 104 Customs area of transaction Customs code to indicate the different types of declarations according to the countries involved in the transaction (e.g. box 1/1 of SAD: inter EC Member States, EC-EFTA, EC-third countries, etc.). 105 Customs declaration type Customs code to indicate the type of declaration according to the different Customs procedures requested (e.g.: import, export, transit). 106 Incoterms 1980 (4110) Code to indicate applicable Incoterm (1980 edition) under which seller undertakes to deliver merchandise to buyer (ICC). Incoterms 1990: use 4053 only! 107 Excise duty Customs or fiscal authorities code to identify a specific or ad valorem levy on a specific commodity, applied either domestically or at time of importation. 108 Tariff schedule Self explanatory. 109 Customs indicator Customs code for circumstances where only an indication is needed. 110 Customs special codes Customs code to indicate an exemption to a regulation or a special Customs treatment. 112 Statistical nature of transaction Indication of the type of contract under which goods are supplied. 113 Customs office Customs administrative unit competent for the performance of Customs formalities, and the premises or other areas approved for the purpose by the competent authorities (CCC). 114 Railcar letter marking Codes for all marking codes (in letters) for railcars specifying the type, series, order number, check digit and some technical characteristics. 115 Examination facility Building or location where merchandise is examined by Customs. 116 Customs preference Customs code to identify a specific tariff preference. 117 Customs procedure (9380) Customs code to identify goods which are subject to Customs control (e.g. home use, Customs warehousing, temporary admission, Customs transit). 118 Government agency procedure Treatment applied by a government agency other than Customs to merchandise under their control. 119 Customs simplified procedure Customs code to indicate the type of simplified Customs procedure requested by a declarant (CCC). 120 Customs status of goods Customs code to specify the status accorded by Customs to a consignment e.g. release without further formality, present supporting documents for inspection, etc (CCC). 121 Shipment description Code to indicate whether a shipment is a total, part or split consignment. 122 Commodity (7357) Code identifying types of goods for Customs, transport or statistical purposes (generic term). 123 Entitlement Code to indicate the recipient of a charge amount (IATA). 125 Customs transit guarantee Customs code to identify the type of guarantee used in a transit movement. 126 Accounting information identifier Identification of a specific kind of accounting information. 127 Customs valuation method Customs code to identify the valuation method used to determine the dutiable value of the declared goods. 128 Service Identification of services. 129 Customs warehouse Identification and/or location of the Customs warehouse in which goods will be or have been deposited (CCC). 130 Special handling Code to indicate that the nature of the consignment may necessitate use of special handling procedures (IATA). 131 Free zone Code identifying the zone within a state where any goods introduced are generally regarded, insofar as import duties and taxes are concerned, as being outside the Customs territory and are not subject to the usual Customs control. 132 Charge Identification of a type of charge. 133 Financial regime Nature and methods of a transaction from financial viewpoint. 134 Duty, tax or fee payment method [4390] Method by which a duty or tax is paid to the relevant administration. 135 Rate class Code to identify a specific rate category. 136 Restrictions/prohibitions on re-use of certain wagons Self explanatory. 137 Rail harmonized codification of tariffs Self explanatory. 139 Port A location having facilities for means of transport to load or discharge cargo. 140 Area Codes for specific geographic areas e.g. seas, straits, basins etc. 141 Forwarding restrictions Self explanatory. 142 Train identification Self explanatory. 143 Removable accessories and special equipment on railcars Self explanatory. 144 Rail routes Self explanatory. 145 Airport/city As described and published by IATA. 146 Means of transport identification Code identifying the name or number of a means of transport (vessel, vehicle). 147 Document requested by Customs Customs code to identify documents requested by Customs in an information interchange. 148 Customs release notification Authorisation given by Customs to move the goods or not move the goods from the place of registration. 149 Customs transit type Customs code to indicate the different kinds of transit movement of the goods (e.g. Box 1/3 of the SAD). 150 Financial routing Self explanatory. 151 Locations for tariff calculation Self explanatory. 152 Materials Self explanatory. 153 Methods of payment Identification of methods of payment. 154 Bank branch sorting identification Identification of a specific branch of a bank. 155 Automated clearing house Identification of automated clearing houses. 156 Location of goods (3384) Indication of the place where goods are located and where they are available for examination. 157 Clearing code Identification of the responsible bank/clearing house which has cleared or is ordered to do the clearing. 158 Terms of delivery Code to identify terms of delivery. 160 Party identification Identification of parties, corporates, etc. 161 Goods description Identification of a type of goods description. 162 Country Identification of a country. 163 Country sub-entity (3228) Identification of country sub-entity (region, department, state, province) defined by appropriate authority. 164 Member organizations Identification of member organizations. 165 Amendment code (Customs) Customs code indicating the reason for transmitting an amendment to Customs. 166 Social security identification Code assigned by the authority competent to issue social security identification to identify a person. 167 Tax party identification Code assigned by a tax authority to identify a party. 168 Rail document names Rail specific identifications of documents. 169 Harmonized system Identification of commodities according to the Harmonized System. 170 Bank securities code Self explanatory. 172 Carrier code Self explanatory. 173 Export requirements Identification of requirements and regulations established by relevant authorities concerning exportation. 174 Citizen identification Self explanatory. 175 Account analysis codes Account service charges list. 176 Flow of the goods List of statistical codes covering the movement of the goods to be declared (e.g. despatch, arrival). 177 Statistical procedures Indication of the statistical procedure to which the goods are subject. 178 Standard text according US embargo regulations US government regulations prescribe specific standard text usage. Using codes from this code list prevents full text transmission. 179 Standard text for export according national prescriptions National export regulations prescribe specific standard text usage. Using codes from this code list prevents full text transmission. 180 Airport terminal Code identifying terminals or other sub-locations at airports. 181 Activity Code identifying activities. 182 Combiterms 1990 Code to indicate the applicable Combiterm (1990 edition), used for the purpose of cost distribution between seller according to Incoterms 1990. 183 Dangerous goods packing type Identification of package types for the description related to dangerous goods. 184 Tax assessment method A code to identify the tax assessment method. 185 Item type A code list defining the level of elaboration of a item such as raw material, component, tooling, etc. 186 Product supply condition A code list specifying the rules according to which a product is supplied, e.g. from stock, available on demand, make on order, etc. 187 Supplier's stock turnover A code list giving an indication about the level of the supplier's stock turnover. 188 Article status A code list defining the status of an article from the procurement point of view, e.g. new article, critical article, etc. 189 Quality control code A code list specifying how the article is classified according to the quality control point of view, e.g. safety item, subject to regulation, etc. 190 Item sourcing category A code list to specify details related to the sourcing of the corresponding item such as provided by the buyer, from a mandatory source, etc. 191 Dumping or countervailing assessment method A code to identify the method used to determine the dumping or countervailing duty. 192 Dumping specification Code list to identify types of goods for dumping purposes. ZZZ Mutually defined Self explanatory.
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