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* 3055 Code list responsible agency, coded Desc: Code identifying the agency responsible for a code list. Repr: an..3 1 CCC (Customs Co-operation Council) Self explanatory. 2 CEC (Commission of the European Communities) Generic: see also 140, 141, 142, 162. 3 IATA (International Air Transport Association) Self explanatory. 4 ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) Self explanatory. 5 ISO (International Organization for Standardization) Self explanatory. 6 UN/ECE (United Nations - Economic Commission for Europe) Self explanatory. 7 CEFIC (Conseil Europeen des Federations de l'Industrie Chimique) EDI project for chemical industry. 8 EDIFICE EDI Forum for companies with Interest in Computing and Electronics (EDI project for EDP/ADP sector). 9 EAN (International Article Numbering association) Self explanatory. 10 ODETTE Organization for Data Exchange through Tele-Transmission in Europe (European automotive industry project). 11 Lloyd's register of shipping Self explanatory. 12 UIC (International union of railways) Western and Eastern European railways association (35 networks). UIC with its legal body (CIT) produce codes and reglementations that are internationally recognized and accepted by all European railways and official bodies. 13 ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) Self explanatory. 14 ICS (International Chamber of Shipping) Self explanatory. 15 RINET (Reinsurance and Insurance Network) Self explanatory. 16 DUNS (Dun & Bradstreet) Self explanatory. 17 S.W.I.F.T. Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications s.c. 18 Conventions on SAD and transit (EC and EFTA) SAD = Single Administrative Document. 19 FRRC (Federal Reserve Routing Code) Self explanatory. 20 BIC (Bureau International des Containeurs) Self explanatory. 21 Assigned by transport company Codes assigned by a transport company. 22 US, ISA (Information Systems Agreement) Codes assigned by the ISA for use by its members. 23 FR, EDITRANSPORT French association developing EDI in transport logistics. 24 AU, ROA (Railways of Australia) Maintains code lists which are accepted by Australian government railways. 25 EDITEX (Europe) EDI group for the textile and clothing industry. 26 NL, Foundation Uniform Transport Code Foundation Uniform Transport Code is the EDI organisation for shippers, carriers and other logistic service providers in the Netherlands. 27 US, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) U.S. food and drug administration. 28 EDITEUR (European book sector electronic data interchange group) Code identifying the pan European user group for the book industry as an organisation responsible for code values in the book industry. 29 GB, FLEETNET Association of fleet vehicle hiring and leasing companies in the UK. 30 GB, ABTA (Association of British Travel Agencies) ABTA, Association of British Travel Agencies. + 31 FI, Finish State Railway Finish State Railway. + 32 PL, Polish State Railway Polish State Railway. + 33 BG, Bulgaria State Railway Bulgaria State Railway. + 34 RO, Rumanian State Railway Rumanian State Railway. + 35 CZ, Tchechian State Railway Tchechian State Railway. + 36 HU, Hungarian State Railway Hungarian State Railway. + 37 GB, British Railways British Railways. + 38 ES, Spanish National Railway Spanish National Railway. + 39 SE, Swedish State Railway Swedish State Railway. + 40 NO, Norwegian State Railway Norwegian State Railway. + 41 DE, German Railway German Railway. + 42 AT, Austrian Federal Railways Austrian Federal Railways. + 43 LU, Luxembourg National Railway Company Luxembourg National Railway Company. + 44 IT, Italian State Railways Italian State Railways. + 45 NL, Netherlands Railways Netherlands Railways. + 46 CH, Swiss Federal Railways Swiss Federal Railways. + 47 DK, Danish State Railways Danish State Railways. + 48 FR, French National Railway Company French National Railway Company. + 49 BE, Belgian National Railway Company Belgian National Railway Company. + 50 PT, Portuguese Railways Portuguese Railways. + 51 SK, Slovacian State Railways Slovacian State Railways. + 52 IE, Irish Transport Company Irish Transport Company. + 53 FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations) International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations. + 54 IMO (International Maritime Organisation) International Maritime Organisation. + 55 US, DOT (United States Department of Transportation) United States Department of Transportation. + 56 TW, Trade-van Trade-van is a EDI/VAN service center for customs, transport, and insurance in national and international trade. + 57 TW, Chinese Taipei Customs Customs authorities of Chinese Taipei responsible for collecting import duties and preventing smuggling. + 58 EUROFER European steel organisation - EDI project for the European steel industry. + 59 DE, EDIBAU National body responsible for the German codification in the construction area. 86 Assigned by party originating the message Codes assigned by the party originating the message. 87 Assigned by carrier Codes assigned by the carrier. 88 Assigned by owner of operation Assigned by owner of operation (e.g. used in construction). 89 Assigned by distributor Self explanatory. 90 Assigned by manufacturer Self explanatory. 91 Assigned by seller or seller's agent Self explanatory. 92 Assigned by buyer or buyer's agent Self explanatory. 93 AT, Austrian Customs Self explanatory. 94 AT, Austrian PTT Self explanatory. 95 AU, Australian Customs Services Self explanatory. 96 CA, Revenue Canada, Customs and Excise Self explanatory. 97 CH, Administration federale des contributions Indirect taxation (e.g. turn-over/sales taxes). 98 CH, Direction generale des douanes Customs (incl. ISO alpha 2 country code). 99 CH, Division des importations et exportations, OFAEE Import and export licences. 100 CH, Entreprise des PTT Telephone (voice/data) + telex numbers, postcodes, postal account numbers. 101 CH, Carbura Centrale suisse pour l'importation de carburants et combustibles liquides (Oil products). 102 CH, Centrale suisse pour l'importation du charbon Coal. 103 CH, Office fiduciaire des importateurs de denrees alimentaires Foodstuff. 104 CH, Association suisse code des articles Swiss article numbering association. 105 DK, Ministry of taxation, Central Customs and Tax Administration Danish Customs administration. 106 FR, Direction generale des douanes et droits indirects French Customs. 107 FR, INSEE Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques. 108 FR, Banque de France Self explanatory. 109 GB, H.M. Customs & Excise Self explanatory. 110 IE, Revenue Commissionners, Customs AEP project Self explanatory. 111 US, U.S. Customs Service Self explanatory. 112 US, U.S. Census Bureau The Bureau of the Census of the U.S. Dept. of Commerce. 113 US, UPC (Uniform product code) Self explanatory. 114 US, ABA (American Bankers Association) Self explanatory. 115 US, DODAAC (Department Of Defense Active Agency Code) Self explanatory. 116 US, ANSI ASC X12 American National Standards Institute ASC X12. 117 AT, Geldausgabeautomaten-Service Gesellschaft m.b.H. Description to be provided. 118 SE, Svenska Bankfoereningen Swedish bankers association. 119 IT, Associazione Bancaria Italiana Self explanatory. 120 IT, Socieata' Interbancaria per l'Automazione Self explanatory. 121 CH, Telekurs AG Self explanatory. 122 CH, Swiss Securities Clearing Corporation Self explanatory. 123 NO, Norwegian Interbank Research Organization Self explanatory. 124 NO, Norwegian Bankers Ass. Self explanatory. 125 FI, The Finnish Bankers' Association Self explanatory. 126 US, NCCMA (Account Analysis Codes) Self explanatory. 128 BE, Belgian Bankers' Association Self explanatory. 129 BE, Belgian Ministry of Finance VAT numbers. 130 DK, PBS (Pengainstitutternes Betalings Service) Self explanatory. 131 DE, German Bankers Association Self explanatory. 132 GB, BACS Limited Self explanatory. 133 GB, Association for Payment Clearing Services Self explanatory. 134 GB, CHAPS and Town Clearing Company Ltd. Self explanatory. 135 GB, The Clearing House Self explanatory. 136 GB, Article Number Association (UK) Limited EAN barcoding. 137 AT, Verband oesterreichischer Banken und Bankiers Austrian bankers association. 138 FR, CFONB (Comite francais d'organ. et de normalisation bancaires) National body responsible for the french codification in banking activity. 139 UPU (Universal Postal Union) (a..3 country code). 140 CEC (Commission of the European Communities), DG/XXI-01 (Computerization within Customs area). 141 CEC (Commission of the European Communities), DG/XXI-B-1 Description to be provided. 142 CEC (Commission of the European Communities), DG/XXXIV Statistical Office of the European Communities: e.g. Geonomenclature. 143 NZ, New Zealand Customs Self explanatory. 144 NL, Netherlands Customs Self explanatory. 145 SE, Swedish Customs Self explanatory. 146 DE, German Customs Self explanatory. 147 BE, Belgian Customs Self explanatory. 148 ES, Spanish Customs Self explanatory. 149 IL, Israel Customs Self explanatory. 150 HK, Hong Kong Customs Self explanatory. 151 JP, Japan Customs Self explanatory. 152 SA, Saudi Arabia Customs Self explanatory. 153 IT, Italian Customs Self explanatory. 154 GR, Greek Customs Self explanatory. 155 PT, Portuguese Customs Self explanatory. 156 LU, Luxembourg Customs Self explanatory. 157 NO, Norwegian Customs Self explanatory. 158 FI, Finnish Customs Self explanatory. 159 IS, Iceland Customs Self explanatory. 160 LI, Liechtenstein authority (Identification of relevant responsible agency for e.g. banking/financial matters still pending. For e.g. Customs, currency, post/telephone: see relevant CH entry). 161 UNCTAD (United Nations - Conference on Trade And Development) Self explanatory. 162 CEC (Commission of the European Communities), DG/XIII-D-5 (TEDIS - incl. CEBIS -, INSIS and CADDIA projects). 163 US, FMC (Federal Maritime Commission) Self explanatory. 164 US, DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) Self explanatory. 165 US, DCI (Distribution Codes, INC.) Self explanatory. 166 US, National Motor Freight Classification Association Self explanatory. 167 US, AIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group) Self explanatory. 168 US, FIPS (Federal Information Publishing Standard) Self explanatory. 169 CA, SCC (Standards Council of Canada) Self explanatory. 170 CA, CPA (Canadian Payment Association) Self explanatory. 171 NL, Bank Girocentrale BV Self explanatory. 172 NL, BEANET BV Self explanatory. 173 NO, NORPRO Self explanatory. 174 DE, DIN (Deutsches Institut fuer Normung) German standardization institute. 175 FCI (Factors Chain International) Self explanatory. 176 BR, Banco Central do Brazil Self-explanatory. 177 AU, LIFA (Life Insurance Federation of Australia) Life Insurance Federation of Australia. 178 AU, SAA (Standards Association of Australia) Standards Association of Australia. 179 US, Air transport association of America U.S. -based trade association representing the major North American scheduled airlines. 181 Edibuild EDI organization for companies in the construction industry. 182 US, Standard Carrier Alpha Code (Motor) Organisation maintaining the SCAC lists and transportation operating in North America. 183 US, American Petroleum Institute US-based trade association representing oil and natural gas producers, shippers, refineries, marketers, and major suppliers to the industry. 184 AU, ACOS (Australian Chamber of Shipping) Self explanatory. ZZZ Mutually defined Self explanatory.
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