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Economic Cooperation and Integration

Public-Private Partnerships

The UNECE Working Party on Public-Private Partnerships prepares best practices, guidelines and standards to increase the expertise of governments to identify, negotiate, manage and implement successful PPPs projects. This is done through exchange of knowledge and experiences of PPPs by member States, including experts from public and private sectors, particularly in the identification and testing of best practice.

The activities result in standards, guides on best practice, studies and innovative tools that can be used in capacity-building programmes and training.

The list of existing standards for downloading includes, among others, the following :

  1. ECE Standard on a Zero Tolerance Approach to Corruption in PPP Procurement
  2. ECE Standard on Public-Private Partnerships in Railways
  3. ECE Standard on Public-Private Partnerships in Renewable Energy
  4. ECE Standard on Public-Private Partnerships in Roads
  5. Guiding Principles on People-first Public-Private Partnerships in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The Working Party has also contributed to the following publication:

  • A Guidebook on Promoting Good Governance in Public-Private Partnerships (2008)

These documents can be downloaded from the UNECE website at 



As of 19 February 2021