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About the Project


In 2012, UNECE supported the Greek Government to launch the Greek Trade Facilitation Roadmap 2013-2014, a holistic trade facilitation reform programme including key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure progress.

This Roadmap was approved by the Parliament and has become part of the lending agreement between Greece and the international donors. Its delivery is seen as a crucial milestone to establish trust in the Greek economy and to return to sustainable economic growth.

The Roadmap contains 25 specific reform programmes such as:

  • substantive reform of Customs procedures and their automation,
  • implementation of automate assessment and management of risks in import and export regulation,
  • assessment of trade obstacles through process analysis,
  • reform of agriculture trade procedures
  • implementation of modern electronic business instruments including paperless trade

Following the completion of the Roadmap, the government of Greece and the European Commission asked UNECE to support the implementation of the Roadmap through a technical cooperation project.

A technical cooperation projects was established with the objective to

  • assist Greek authorities in steering and managing the overall Roadmap
  • provide managerial support for the implementation of different topics included
  • provide specialist expertise in implementing the trade facilitation reforms included in the Roadmap

Timeline: 2013-2014

Fund provided by the European Commission: 1.100.000 EUR

The Greek Trade Facilitation Project in a nutshell.