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International Fire Safety Standards: Common Principles "Safe Buildings Save Lives"
1st edition

cover of IFSS publication

The UNECE Committee on Urban Development, Housing and Land Management at its eighty first session welcomed the International Fire Safety Standards: Common Principles “Safe Buildings Save Lives” developed by the International Fire Safety Standards Coalition (IFSSC) to be published as a UNECE standard and invited representatives of national and local governments and stakeholders to apply the Common Principles to promote safety of buildings (ECE/HBP/206).

This document includes a description of the standards, its implementation Framework and additional technical guidance. 


Guidelines on evidence-based policies and decision-making for sustainable housing and urban development

The guidelines aim to support the efforts of governments in the UNECE region to improve evidence-based policymaking on sustainable urban development and housing. 

This document serves as a practical reference for policymakers and for other experts involved in the development, review and implementation of policies on sustainable housing and urban development. The Guidelines can be used at all stages of policy development - from agenda setting to implementation/review and evaluation.


Collection Methodology for Key Performance Indicators for Smart Sustainable Cities

KPIs collection methodology

This publication provides cities with a methodology on how to collect data or information from key performance indicators (KPIs) for smart sustainable cities (SSC). The set of KPIs for SSC were developed within the framework of the United for Smart Sustainable Cities (U4SSC) initiative to establish the criteria to evaluate ICT's contributions in making cities smarter and more sustainable, and to provide cities with the means for self-assessments.