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Seminar on Introduction of Digital Tachograph for CIS Countries

European Agreement concerning the Work of Crews of Vehicles engaged in International Road Transport (AETR)
Seminar on the Introduction of the Digital Tachograph for Countries of
the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)
Moscow, 2-3 March 2006

The object of the seminar, organized jointly by UNECE and the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, was to familiarise CIS countries with the digital tachograph used to measure drivers’ work and rest periods in trucks and coaches.

The digital tachograph will be obligatory equipment on new trucks and coaches from May 2006 in the European Union and from 2010 (after a 4-year transition) for other ECE member countries, which are Contracting Parties to the UNECE-administered European Agreement concerning the Work of Crews of Vehicles Engaged in International Road Transport (AETR).

European Union trucks and coaches equipped with the digital tachograph are already conducting transport activities in CIS countries. It is important therefore that non-EU AETR countries know how to inspect vehicles equipped with the new tachograph so that they can ensure that AETR driving and rest periods are being adhered to on their territory. It is also important for them to prepare for the introduction of the digital tachograph in their own commercial vehicle fleets.

Presentations were made by UNECE, the European Commission and representatives of the Project on Monitoring the Implementation of the Digital Tachograph (MIDT), which is funded by the Swedish Government and the European Commission. The presentations appear below. Funding was provided by a major digital tachograph manufacturer.

There were some 150 participants, mainly from the Russian Federation but also from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.
Programme   PDF (45 KB)
Powerpoint Presentations    
Historical background and legislative framework for the introduction of the digital tachograph in the EU, Leo Huberts (European Commission)   PDF (140 KB)
Developments for non-EU AETR Contracting Parties, Marie-Noëlle Poirier (UNECE)
  PDF (178 KB)
Main characteristics of the digital tachograph, Andrew Kelly (United Kingdom/MIDT)
  PDF (319 KB)
How to check drivers using a digital tachograph, José Piscitelli (Luxembourg/MIDT)
  PDF (202 KB)
Need to issue cards and approve workshops, Andrew Kelly (United Kingdom/MIDT)
  PDF (1,360 KB)
Presentation of the MIDT Project, Per-Arne Holm (Sweden/MIDT)
  PDF (136 KB)
New EU rules on driving times and rest periods, Olli Pirkanniemi (European Commission)
  PDF (101 KB)