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TEM Outputs (Direct products of the project)

1 Assistance in accelerating construction of TEM and its extensions:
1.1 Elaboration and introduction of TEM project plans, maps and their constant extension /revision
1.2 Elaboration of (61) studies related to motorway management, road economics, planning and design, construction and operation, among which TEMSTAT 1 & 2
1.3 Issue of about (100) technical documents in several languages, guidelines, recommendations, methodologies, manuals and glossaries, standards harmonization continuously updated
1.4 Elaboration of TEM Brochure" TEM-INFORMATION-2000"
2 Assistance in designing, building, maintaining, operating and administrating TEM in the member countries:
2.1 Elaboration of definitions on bilateral transport agreements
2.2 Collection of uniform data and processing on TEM
2.3 Introduction of new ways of project financing
2.4 Elaboration of common program of up-grating non motorway links In 1992 , which up-dated in 1998
2.5 Contribution to improvement of existing conditions
2.6 Assistance towards national budget allocation for TEM sections
3 Assistance in consolidating the role of TEM in the progress of transport integration in Europe:
3.1 Harmonization of the national standards and regulations
3.2 Elaboration of comparison and interconnection with other European Networks, TINA, TEN, Pan-European Corridors
3.3 Establishment of TEMSTAT 1 & 2
3.4 EIA process harmonization with TEM and EU countries
3.5 Introduction and implementation of environmental priorities and concern in TEM Network
4 Promotion and improvement of co-operation in all matters concerning transport between TEM countries having different level of development:
4.1 Establishment of institutional frame work for the permanent management of TEM
4.2 Assistance in accelerating related national coordinated activities
5 Dissemination of knowledge, expertise and know-how:
5.1 Organization of many conferences symposiums, work shops, round tables, ad- hoc meetings in different issues concerned in various cities inside and outside TEM member countries on an annual basis
5.2 Organization of over (60) training courses and seminars in which over (600) technical persons from member countries were trained
5.3 Granting of many scholarships on research to students and researchers from member countries
5.4 Establishment of cooperation with Western road institutions (PHARE, TINA, OECD, IRF, ECMT, HEEP, WERD, TER)
TEM Results (Initial impact in the transport sector of the region)
1 Co-ordination of actions for creation of TEM corridor, based on commonly accepted and adopted standards and practices:
1.1 Establishment and assistance in construction of TEM Network in extend of 22,203 Km, out of which 6,118 Km in operation, representing 26.4 % of TEM and 1,575 Km under construction, despite the significant financial difficulties of most countries in the region
1.2 Creation of the oldest, and still active, inter-country regional project of CEE with established structures and plans for the region, based on scientific investigation and long permanent political dialogue and co-operation between its members
2 Contribution in the formation of the future Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-Tr) in which TEM is placed as an integral part:
2.1 Placement of TEM network as the backbone of Trans-European Road Corridors in CEE by the decisions of the 2nd and 3rd Pan-European Transport Conferences (Crete 1994- Helsinki 1997), giving a valuable contribution in the formation of the new strategic transport plan of Europe
2.2 Placement of TEM as the backbone of TINA exercise for the CEE road network, giving a valuable contribution to the formation of the priority plan for the extension of EU TEN in the candidate countries for membership in the EU
3 Improvement of national techniques and understanding of construction, management , operation and maintenance of motorways of the participating counties:
3.1 Better activity of the whole road sector (contractors, administrators, public servants) and achievement of higher quality projects preparation and implementation
4 Improvement of bilateral contacts, co-operation and co-ordination among TEMcountries

5 Facilitation of co-operation between East-West road experts
TEM Outcomes (longer term socio-economic impact in the region)
1 Facilitation of international road traffic in Europe and among and through the countries participating in the project
2 Improvement of efficiency of transport operations
3 Assistance towards balancing of the gaps and imbalances existing in the transport infrastructure in motorway network between Western, Eastern, Central and South -Eastern Europe
4 The assistance of the integration process of transport infrastructure systems of Europe, the formation of European strategic transport infrastructure plan and the promotion of the overall development of the member countries