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Informal Documents

Informal Documents


Informal document 1: new provisional agenda PDF

Informal document 2: draft report on measuring and monitoring the SDGs in the ECE region PDF

Informal document 3: draft decisions that were agreed following a 10-day silence procedure ending on Friday 10th July EN FR RU

Informal document 4: summary of discussions EN

Session 1
UNECE Informal Meeting of the Working Party on Transport Statistics: Housekeeping and SDG Introduction PPT
Proximity to Public Transportation in Canada’s Metropolitan Areas (SDG 11.2.1)  PDF
SLOCAT Overview on Transport's Inclusion in Voluntary National Reviews PPT
Rural Access Index (RAI) / SDG 9.1.1, TRL Project Team PPT
UNECE Work on SDG 9.1.2: Passenger and Freight Volumes PPT
Session 2
UNECE Introduction to COVID19 Transport Data PPT
Ireland: The impact of COVID-19 on transport statistics PPT
United Kingdom: Covid-19 and Transport Data PPT
United States: COVID-19 Related Transportation Data PPT
Canada: COVID-19: The Statistics Canada Response PPT
Russian Federation: Development of end-to-end digital services and electronic document flow on the routes of international transport corridors in the conditions of COVID-19 PPT
Netherlands: COVID-19: impact on statistics PPT
Sweden: Transport Indicators – Quick information about the transport sector in corona times PPT
Finland: Transport statistics during COVID19-crisis PPT
Czechia: Consequences of Covid 19 pandemic for transport performance PPT
Session 3
UNECE Metro and Tram Data PPT
Public transport issues in data collection, Netherlands PPT
Aligning WP.6 with ITC Strategy to 2030: Key Points PPT