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The external evaluation of the process of Environmental Performance Review (EPR) includes all steps from the preparatory mission to the publication and launch of the EPR report. The overall objective of this evaluation exercise was to conduct an external independent assessment of the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and impact of the EPR in supporting the UNECE Member States to reconcile their environmental and economic targets and meeting the international environmental commitments.
The evaluation involved an assessment of the entire EPR process in 2015–2019 based on the reviews undertaken during this period. It involved a consultative process generating views and comments collected among the EPR key stakeholders through questionnaires, interviews and focus group meetings. The evaluation activities were carried out by an external evaluator in May-June 2019. The report presents the findings, conclusions and recommendations of the external independent evaluation of the EPR process. 
Evaluation report    Management Response   Progress report
The 2015 self-evaluation assessed the process of carrying out the UNECE Environmental Performance Review (EPR) programme. The main purpose of the evaluation was to examine the strengths and gaps to be filled in by the programme. The objective was to identify possible measures that could be taken to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of implementing the programme. This evaluation was a tool for internal use by the UNECE EPR secretariat. Its findings were shared with other stakeholders in the EPR programme, especially members of the UNECE Expert Group on Environmental Performance Reviews and the Committee on Environmental Policy. The evaluation was based on the experiences made in the course of implementing seven country reviews during the period 2009-2011. The quality and impact of EPR was outside the scope of the evaluation report.