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Nicosia Conference

Ninth Environment for Europe Ministerial Conference, 5-7 October 2022, 'Filoxenia' Conference Centre, Nicosia, Cyprus
Nicosia Conference

The Ninth Environment for Europe Ministerial Conference will be held in Nicosia, Cyprus from 5 to 7 October 2022. The Conference is organized by the Republic of Cyprus with the support of UNECE.

Documents and materials for the Conference are being posted on this webpage as soon as they become available.

The host country website can be accessed at The site contains practical information on organizational aspects of the Conference.

!!! The Conference aims to be a paperless event. Participants are encouraged to download the documents on your electronic devices. All documents for the meeting are being made available on this webpage. Please bring your laptops for working at the Conference. The host country will provide the necessary technical equipment (electric sockets and WiFi Internet connection) to enable the use of laptops in the Conference venue. !!!