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Batumi Initiative on Green Economy (BIG-E)

The BIG-E operationalizes the Pan-European Strategic Framework for Greening the Economy (En / Fr / Ru) during the period 2016–2030. It comprises voluntary commitments by interested countries and organizations, both public and private (BIG-E stakeholders), in the form of green economy actions. Together, the committed actions constitute the BIG-E. BIG-E was developed under the leadership of Switzerland.

In 2016 123 commitments were submitted by 27 countries and 13 organizations. They are posted below and are compiled into a document (En).

The first review of progress made under the BIG-E was done for the mid-term term review of the Batumi Conference main outcomes in January 2019 (En / Fr / Ru).

NICOSIA CALL for new commitments

At its special session the ECE Committee on Environmental Policy (Geneva and online, 9–12 May 2022) invited interested Committee members, observers, and other stakeholders to submit voluntary commitments to the Batumi Initiative on Green Economy. 

To harmonize the submission of actions, a template from the Strategic Framework was updated to reflect the two main themes of the Ninth Environment for Europe Ministerial Conference (Nicosia, Cyprus, 5–7 October 2022) (En/ Fr / Ru). The list of possible green economy actions (En) could be used as reference in preparing the commitments.

How to select your voluntary commitments

Selection criteria to guide the identification of green economy actions are whether they:
    (a)    Are expected to deliver economic benefits with environmental and social co benefits;
    (b)    Include a mixture of new and ongoing initiatives;
    (c)    Will make a clear contribution to the achievement of SDG targets;
    (d)    Will have a measurable impact over time;
    (e)    Will be a driver for transformation and innovation towards green economy that may be relevant to and inspire other countries in the region.

In order to simultaneously contribute to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (En / Fr / Ru), each green economy action within the BIG-E should be linked to the specific SDG targets to which it also contributes.  Such an approach will help ensure the advancement of green economy in the region in support of Agenda 2030.

While contemplating submitting the voluntary commitment, the following can be considered:

  • Since the purpose of BIG-E is to facilitate the exchange of information and best practices, the voluntary commitments presented under BIG-E may be selected from those actions/measures already underway or planned under various plans and programmes; commitments adopted under other frameworks may also be submitted.
  • Although the Nicosia Conference focuses on the two main environmental themes, the voluntary commitments under the Nicosia Call for BIG-E do not have to be limited to these two themes. Any action/measure that facilitates the transition to the green economy can be submitted as a commitment.

Whom to contact for questions

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the UNECE secretariat via [email protected] 

Batumi Initiative on Green Economy (BIG-E) list of voluntary commitments

Country 2016-2021 Nicosia call
 Albania - 2 commitments (En)
 Armenia - 2 commitments (En)
 Austria 1 commitment (En 2 commitments (En)


1 commitment (En ) Coming soon
 Belarus 5 commitments (En ) -
 Bulgaria   1 commitment (En)
 Croatia 5 commitments (En ) 1 commitment (En)
 Estonia 2 commitments (En ) 3 commitments (En)
 Finland 2 commitments (En ) -
 France 2 commitments (En ) -
 Georgia 4 commitments (En ) 3 commitments (En)
 Germany 4 commitments (En ) -
 Hungary 4 commitments (En ) -
 Italy 4 commitments (En ) Coming soon
 Kazakhstan 2 commitments (En ) 1 commitment (En)
 Kyrgyzstan 1 commitment (Ru /En ) -
 Latvia  3 commitments (En ) 2 commitments (En)
 Lithuania 5 commitments (En ) -
 Luxembourg 1 commitment (Fr ) -
 Malta - 3 commitments (En)
 Netherlands 5 commitments (En ) -
 Poland  5 commitments (En ) -
 Portugal 4 commitments (En ) 3 commitments (En)
 Republic of Moldova 5 commitments (En ) 3 commitments (En)
  Romania 2 commitments (En ) -
 Serbia - 1 commitment (En)
 Slovakia 1 commitment (En ) -
 Slovenia 1 commitment(En ) -
 Sweden 3 commitments (En ) 4 commitments (En)
 Switzerland 5 commitments (En ) 8 commitments (En)
 Ukraine 4 commitments (En ) 2 commitments (En)
 Uzbekistan 2 commitments (Ru / En ) -
Organization 2016-2021 Nicosia call
CAREC                                                               8 commitments  (En) 5 commitments (En)
Cittadellarte-Pistoletto Foundation 2 commitments (En ) -
European EcoForum 1 commitment (En ) 1 commitment (En)
GGKP 1 commitment (En ) -
GOF47/UNEP/GRI 1 commitment (En ) -
ICSD 1 commitment (Ru /  En ) -
IPEN-IEE-Eco Forum 2 commitments (En ) -
IRP/UNEP 1 commitment (En)     -
OECD 4 commitments (En ) -
REC Caucasus 4 commitments (En ) 1 commitment (En)
REC CEE 1 commitment (En ) -
UNECE  8 commitments (En ) 1 commitment (En)
UNEP 3 commitments (En ) 3 commitments (En)