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Yugoslavia plans to be ready for TIR operations by 1 October 2001

1 June 2001

Following the retroactive acceptance of the Government of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia of the TIR Convention, 1975 as of 27 April 1992, the date of State succession, the UN/ECE and the TIR secretariats assist the Customs authorities of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to establish, as soon as possible, the TIR procedure in and through this country.
Consultative meetings were held between representatives of the Yugoslav Customs authorities and the UN/ECE and TIR secretariats as well as the IRU in Geneva on 21 and 22 May 2001 during which all issues relating to the re-introduction of the TIR procedure in Yugoslavia were discussed and resolved in principle.
The TIR secretariat will organize TIR training courses in Belgrade in July 2001 to ensure that all high-ranking Customs officers are made familiar with the provisions and Customs procedures of the TIR Convention. Around 1.600 Customs officers have been newly recruited by the Yugoslav Customs authorities and need to be trained on all aspects of Customs procedures.
The Yugoslav Customs authorities will issue in due course a list of Customs offices authorized to handle TIR operations, both at border crossing points and inside Yugoslavia.
The target date for the start of TIR operations in Yugoslavia is 1 October 2001.