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Mission to San Marino, 3 October 2022

San Marino: A high-income country with a population of 34,010. According to the WHO, San Marino counts 0 road fatalities each year. San Marino acceded to all the 7 UN road safety legal instruments.

The Special Envoy travelled to the country to participate in the 83rd session of the ECE Committee on Urban Development, Housing and Land Management and the symbolic signing of the San Marino Declaration. Furthermore, the Special Envoy delivered an address to 13-14 years old students attending the side event “Urban Mobility and Road Safety”.


The Special Envoy also met with the following officials:

•    H.E. Mr. Stefano Canti, Secretary of State for Territory and Environment, H.E. Mr. Andrea Beluzzi, Secretary of State for Culture and Education and H.E. Mr. Teodoro Lonfernini, Secretary of State for Labor, Economics and Sport;
•    H.E. Mr. Victor Filloy Franco, Minister of Housing and Territory of Andorra.