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Mission to Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, Viet Nam, 26-29 November 2022

Viet Nam: A middle-income country with a population of 98,168 million. According to the WHO, Vietnam has the 2nd highest rate in the Southeast Asia Region. Viet Nam has acceded to 2 out of 7 UN road safety legal instruments.

With the support of the AIP Foundation, the Special Envoy participated in a visit to a school greatly engaged on road safety.


Furthermore, the Special Envoy made a visit to the Protec Tropical Helmet Factory in the context of improving helmet standards and access to quality helmets in Viet Nam.


The Special Envoy met with the following officials towards advocating for safer roads in the country:

•    H.E. Mr. Le Dinh Tho, Deputy Minister of Transport and Dr. Khuat Viet Hung, Executive Vice Chairman of National Traffic Safety Committee;       
•    Ms. Cécile Vigneau, Deputy Head of the Mission of France and Ms. Sophie Maysonnave, Head of Cultural Cooperation;
•    Delegation from the WB;                            
•    UNCT Viet Nam.