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This report captures the collective results of the regional United Nations system in Europe and Central Asia in 2020. In the reporting period, the regional UN entities provided collective support and offered policy guidance and tools to address key sustainable development challenges in the region.
Developed within the regional Issue-based Coalition on Health and Well-being for All at All Ages, signed by the regional representatives of 14 United Nations agencies and endorsed at the regional United Nations System Meeting, the Common Position aims to guide multisectoral collaboration across
The Joint Advocacy Messages covered in this note are the result of joint thinking, analytics and positioning of the regional UN system in Europe and Central Asia. They are the
  Regional Advocacy Paper: Building More Inclusive, Sustainable and Prosperous Societies in Europe and Central Asia This regional advocacy paper provides key policy recommendations that can help countries overcome the existing development bottlenecks and boost the implementation of the 2030 Agenda
This report looks back at the experience of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and, at the same time, takes on a forward-looking perspective to achieve a successful transition to the much more complex and comprehensive Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Inter alia, the new agenda will be
2030 Sustainable Development Agenda - Joint Positioning by the Regional UN System in Europe and Central Asia   The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development underlines the important role and comparative advantage of an adequately resourced, relevant, coherent, efficient and effective UN system in
Lessons on Monitoring and Implementation of the MDGs for the Post-2015 Development AgendaThe adoption of the United Nations Millennium Declaration and its formalization into the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) represented a major achievement in terms of providing a framework for advancing
Building more inclusive, sustainable and prosperous societies in Europe and Central Asia The report “Building more inclusive, sustainable and prosperous societies in Europe and Central Asia – A common United Nations vision for the post-2015 development agenda” was prepared within the Regional
From Transition to Transformation Sustainable and Inclusive Development in Europe and Central Asia This report is among the first attempts to take an integrated look at sustainable development in the pan-European region. It presents new policy proposals to help manage the needed change to a
The MDGs in Europe and Central Asia: Achievements, Challenges and the Way Forward At the start of the new millennium, 189 world leaders came together at the United Nations to create an agenda to make the future better for everyone on the planet. The result was the Millennium Declaration setting